About US

Doyle Industries (and Engineering and Media subsidiary enterprises) is a 2 year old startup with a 94 year legacy. In 1924 its Founder’s grandfather was born in a remote bushland town south-west of Sydney, Australia; with little more than the signalling system of the one (very quiet) nearby railway station and a little later a newly opened Mechanics Institute to spark curiosity and fuel inspiration, in 1940 at the age of 16, he bought a one-way train ticket for “the big smoke”, Sydney, to — as he must have seen it — take on the world.

A regular meal in the country, sometimes a luxury, was the taste of animal fat on bread. Stationed in Darwin during WWII, and moving with a new family to the suburbia of Sydney at its end, he would look up at one-seater aerolites being test-flown locally, and decided he would learn to fly.

A desire borne of his service during WWII, he was not conscripted (drafted) for it. He volunteered. As the one "gunner" stationed in Darwin with specific signalling training, he was responsible for being the first on the Australian continent to relay all alerts received to every allied station across the northern coast of Australia, from Darwin through to the western-most manned point in the Kimberly, to the eastern-most, across the Gulf of Carpentaria: And had successfully relayed the alert to all allied stations warning of the first Japanese aerial attack on Australia (upon Darwin) 24 hours in advance of it having occurred — for it to only be discovered 40 years later that the warning had been delayed in its passing through the CoC to all gunners — for a full 24 hours.

Resourceful and inventive, far beyond being a pilot on returning home, this man — given boots by a nun so other school kids wouldn’t laugh at his being bare-feet, leaving school for good on the day its priests would let him — concluded his working life as the Lead Engineer responsible for the electricity supply to roughly one million Sydney residents.

His first-born grandson, the Founder of Doyle Industries, Mr. Richard A. Doyle, had commenced work in 2013 on a few ideas that had not yet germinated into so much as an idea to start a company. in 2015, Richard began to realise what was possible, and in 2016 — after exhaustive wrestling with questions from capability to responsibility — decided he would “have a go”, to go for it, with nothing less than his own certainty, belief and will as the one, unified strand of continuity binding him to such a legacy.

This site and all it has to share, represents the first step beyond a servitude whose burden we can all, in some sense, know as much as we have all, deep down, yearned for a freedom we couldn’t elucidate much less verbalise, that has eluded mankind for centuries.

Doyle Industries may be the first corporate industrial entity to be able to genuinely care about people since the emergence of basic finance nearly 900 years ago — yet it will only be now, because of this fact, that such industry may indeed prosper.