Founder • About Richard

An ambitious and humble young Australian entrepreneur and engineer, idealist, realist, humanist and global citizen, Richard Doyle, Founder, is a man who doesn’t know it can’t be done. He is also presently focusing on industry analyses and strategic assessment, and working on his autobiography as time permits. Doyle Industries, comprising its subsidiaries and divisions, is a private enterprise HQ’d in Sydney.

From the humblest of beginnings, Richard is rising to prominence in the software-, electromechanical-, electronic-, microwave-, and flight-propulsion-engineering fields, with a carried focus, first and continuing, on — Virtualised HPEC and OpenVPX-based (and all other VITA standards compliant) (micro-)controller technologies using only the most solid and robust, yet bleeding edge RTOS (including VxWorks (and Embedded) and Linux (audited))-, PLM-, EDA-, & CAD/CAM technologies — and now transitioning to, the development and production of Mechanised Automation in serving Doyle Industries’ three core focus areas:

• Enabling the Natural Evolution of Intelligence in the Service of the Development and Commercialisation of an altogether New CleanTech ecosystem servicing all efforts toward the equitable distribution of life-sustaining and life-enhancing material resource;

• The Strategic Development and Implementation of an ably Feasible Platform for the Intelligent Management of Planetary Resource — near and far, local and remote — to Achieve the Unified Liberation from those Technological, Economic and Political (no longer inevitably terminal) binds that have shackled human experience, imposing limits on its improvement, for centuries;

• And concurrent to these endeavours, in collaboration globally with sectors both public and private alike, Pursue our Mandate to advance to Production a New Line of Flight Propulsion Technologies and Craft, as varied as they shall be capable...