None of us would like to lose the benefits and the shameless enjoyment a maturing information grid is already bringing us. However, we think it can be better. One prominent example in our use of a changing internet today, whichever our gadgets of choice may be, is latency: the time it takes for data to move across and through the web.

We’d like to eliminate it (latency, not the internet), and we can — optionally — yet preferably —through going fully peer-to-peer, as a backup at hand when the power-grid may go down or parts of the information-grid may become inaccessible.

Plug a beautifully designed and affordable accessory into your phone, tablet, laptop or other portable device, or pack a (portable) hub to go, for any or all of these, and rest easy knowing you never have to charge your device again, least of all ”wirelessly”. No catch. No charging. And batteries not required.

The energy storage industry will initially be disrupted (and confused, if not pissed) that batteries (however ‘big’) are no longer included. This may be unfortunate, but is as necessary as it is possible.

However, there’s more than enough room for growth, cooperation, adaptation and the forcing of competitive innovation to ultimately enhance the quality of life we’ve all, to one extent or another, secretly conceded as immutable.

Doyle Industries would look forward to working with the Australian Federal Government to the advancement of its National Energy Strategy but is aware others may not appreciate the fact that ‘small fish are sweet’.

Things change. So must we.