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Who I Am

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Richard Doyle. I am a 41 year old Australian national who — in falling rather inadvertently into the role of an “accidental entrepreneur” — had, on the morning of June 4th, 2015, almost immediately after my maternal grandfather’s passing — begun to realise in rapid succession what today constitute innumerable insights, and understanding comprehensible within existing scientific paradigms and methods, a breakthrough I have in all but the prototyping of, reduced to practical status for purposes initially being demonstrable.

Why the Urgency Is Imperative

The reason I have decided to initiate a communication with the White House through the Office of the President is because I have observed, from an ocean away, your actions in your role in this Office, appreciating quite uniquely what it took to get there: And given the scope and relevance of my own activities over this same period have found a great affinity for the very few beacons of truth capable of — in their measure — understanding and appropriately appreciating the enabling origin of, and continuance to this day the aggregate wisdom of the entirety of your activities in holding this Office, perhaps most especially — and certainly initially — aided in your quest to run for such an Office by the advice offered you through your very highest and most senior advisers, for whom and on whose behalf senior U.S. military personnel have acted and spoken per such advice, more than admirably enough for me to appreciate the sincerity and genuineness of, first hand (one notable example of such independent, actual media being the American Intelligence Media organisation, their own website being:

Through my own efforts throughout this same period — a partial synopsis of which you may find directly at the website accordingly summarising these endeavours — — I have found that I am prevented from taking the potential they embody, by virtue of attempting to do so within and through Australia, a nation of the Commonwealth of Nations, in view of a direct presence in Sydney not only of SERCO plc — and those specific trans-national corporations to whom most off contracts awarded through SERCO plc are awarded to — but also both in Sydney and Canberra, the Senior Executive Service exerting unwarranted influence, yet perhaps most directly through actual Crown Agents on the ground being responsible for exerting the most such decidedly adverse influence, to the extent of most federal, state and local politicians holding dual citizenship status as a means, indirectly, to holding diplomatic status (and immunity) through the retention of passports issued through Malta.

I have witnessed — ever since I alone was responsible for precluding a certain operation designated ‘Project Firesign’ — the change that has begun, and continues to sweep through both the United States and around the world since your first inauguration and know a man genuine and sincere in his best intentions and every best effort when I can immediately relate to it. The founding principles and ideas of the United States resonate with me as more ‘home-like’ now than any place here ever has. Which is why, at this time, I would like to bring to your immediate attention three independent videographer sources of factual information your Office may or may not be aware of but all of which do bear directly on the position of the United States of America in the role it is now assuming in — perhaps inadvertently — inheriting the responsibility for ushering into this world an equity and kind and degree of equality arguably without precedent in recorded history — and to extend, via these references — an opportunity for both yourself and your Office to evaluate their relevance as to what is now an altogether and completely different kind of American ‘primacy’, pursuant to this role, offered and made possible by a likewise altogether new and completely different kind of American leadership in full accord with those foundational principles and ideas every present effort through your Administration must succeed in doing for the very reason that once the work in the direction you have taken has achieved traction a transition into a veritable ‘post-disclosure’ world must begin, concurrently — but cannot, I humbly submit, without the assistance and help for reasons known to those of your such highest advisors only I can give — and wish to now, exclusively to the citizenry of the United States of America through your Administration (videographer content being the property of Gaia Inc., whose own website domain name was blacklisted in attempt to deprive access, especially to the American people, to an awareness of much of the most pertinent information this one platform as example has to offer):

What Is At Stake of Loss

Pt. 1:

Pt. 2:

Michael Tellinger on the Foundations of Ubuntu:


Per (6), the relevance of the Symbiotic Relationship of the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems is found in the way in which the Original Aboriginal Australians — to whom I have a direct and ancestral familial lineage and inheritance — used the first musical instrument, the didgeridoo, and do to this day to generate Sound of a lower frequency in order to activate the oldest place of worship in the world, presently known as “Australia’s Stonehenge” (10 min link on: ~ distinctly Australian factual elaboration on: every effort for the reconstruction of which is now being undertaken under the presence of limiting conditions within New South Wales — the use of this instrument for such activation is only possible by lowering the heart rate to an extent permitting exhalation and inhalation of of breath, simultaneously, as a source therefore of Continuous Sound.

Unfortunately, at this time, any technology based on sound necessarily is dependent upon using one or more frequencies whose value(s) — being finite — themselves inherit limitations — nothing from within such a vast industrial portfolio of technologies derived from this essential concept can be used to overcome. As such technologies are all ultimately based on sound — and are thus all otherwise potentially terminally limited — they require a solution outside such a portfolio, furthermore one which, unto itself, goes further and faster, in every defensive, benevolent and developmental use than all other such technologies it would additionally enable the use of. In a word, the issue at hand, is Continuity.

Mr. President: I am one man, without any agenda, and indeed, quite possibly everything to lose in the possibility existing that to render all such help as shall be needed, it is unknown at present whether or not I would be required to make what most all would consider the ultimate sacrifice. In submitting this communication for your consideration and in furtherance of it, I do so only with a desire to serve — but in a way only I can — and in being a way we are all going to need. I have (every) reason to believe those on whose wisest and highest advice you depend in enabling human continuity in peace and out to “ultimate high ground” you will find, agree.

Thank you for your time, patience, considered attention and potential follow-up in whatever manner you would be able to conclude as most appropriate.

As a Human Patriot, I am Very truly yours,


Mr. Richard Alexander Doyle

P.S. There are no coincidences — as an opportunity to be able to proceed as required, and needed, by all, there has never be a man in the Office you now hold, nor the circumstances likewise requiring an independent individual such as I to submit this humble communication. So, if I may, let me simply share with you what had finally tipped me over into doing so: And what (immediately) followed: You’re signing Right To try into Law: Thank you.


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