Our pilot product will at first have hopefully more than a few very pleasant easter eggs. Future iterations shall be accompanied by continually refined Premiere App Suites (for Unix/Linux, Solaris, IBM-AIX, HP-UX, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android as well as the Nook, Kindle, Sony, Nokia, HTC, Ubuntu and Samsung platforms and devices) to further communicate with a part of the product — a digital management interface — in order to use the accessory through your device’s original equipment manufacturer (“OEM”), to take full advantage of the device’s features and capabilities itself. Such an accessory as pilot product will not necessarily enhance the operational lifetime of the (OEM) device, be it a tablet, phone, laptop or e.g. portable VR/AR appliance, or necessarily extend its mean time before failure (MTBF): These are issues for the OEM of your device.

Our pilot product as an accessory form factor, can extend (or optionally, eliminate) battery life, by mitigating or doing away with the requirement for Energy Storage, entirely. In a certain way, our pilot product is itself to demonstrate another principle: That in the case, say, of Energy Storage and all related industries reliant upon the development of technology in that particular field, there is another way. A better way. Not only to enhance performance, but to amplify, and increase, profitability. The purpose of demonstating this principle is to directly show all with a stake in that which enables life (energy) that when something so small can do something so big, what can something bigger, a lot bigger, do...?

In time, a standards-defining Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) will scale out further iterations in order to eliminate communication latency entirely, fully revive the operational condition of device batteries in place, and move all peer-to-peer information processing to a far more appropriate, stable and secure medium, for your pleasure and convenience. Maybe it’s time to put aside the “user”, and embrace the participant you can become.

The future, indeed, is now... We look forward to assisting in its delivery.