It all started with...

Are we talking about the flying car we were all promised as kids? Better! The real truth: Imagine a Tesla Model S at one-third the price, a cruising speed between Mach 1.2 and 3.4 (up, potentially to 7.0 or 8.0 as market demands) (model-dependent), altitude-restricted (for obvious reasons), fully (and safely) autonomous and/or manual at your leisure, self-defining flight path (with clearance) and cabin configurations of such luxury as to prompt one to ask just what the catch may be. And that’s the point:

No catch: No wings, propellers, jets, or control surfaces, either. No wheels. No roads. No sonic boom. Just comfort, (Autonomously-Provided & Human-Guided) piloting, luxury and speed; as it should be. And will.

A new consumer and commercial transport vehicle for a new time, using an innovative propulsion system based upon Doyle Industries’ Founder’s breakthrough preliminary research findings, begun in 2005, developed to practical completion in 2016.

Richard’s expertise in Mechanical-, Electrical-, and Electronics-Engineering will also see Doyle Engineering, a private R&D subsidiary, invest considerable product design and development focus into business, commercial, exploratory and consumer aircraft.

The core component of the on-board power supply for such a new transport vehicle also possesses — inherently — limitless CleanTech and restorative potential: The one limit on application being imagination itself, made real. By Us.