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Doyle Industries’ pilot product will comprise a miniature power transducer without precedent — closed-looped, fully redundant in both design and functionality — grid-independent and peer-to-peer. Our aim is first and foremost to bring such a convenience to as many people as is possible, so they might all begin to appreciate the emergent implications of such a new technology, and how relatable a positive difference to their lives something that is new, can be.

Much is riding on this, and not merely for a highly poised startup. So naturally, we’ve gone to cruel and unusual lengths to seriously think about, and conclude, the most efficient form factor to achieve this pivotal aim.

It is, rather obviously, as a plug-in accessory form factor — or even, as necessary, a new telecommunications fabric standing alone entirely — for most all consumer, commercial, enterprise, industrial, medical, fintech and governmental electronics products and services at market both now and going forward, that we have found the most appropriate niche to get the globe talking.


Such a route may be thought of as circuitous by many — after all, if we’re saying what you might think we’re saying wouldn’t it make a lot more sense just to go big or go home? No: In addition to Doyle Industries’ pilot product being an end in itself, it’s also a means to something greater — a stepping stone to raise adoption and uptake of something (considerably) grander, by raising an awareness of “how” this thing billions of people can subscribe to and carry about, is doing what it does.