CleanTech — and establishing the technological and corporate-cooperative foundation needed to restore the health of the planet, the human dignity and fundamental self-worth of its every inhabitant, and perhaps to take the independence of flight a step further… not to the moon or Mars, admirable goals though they may be — but to the Stars.

To ultimately undertake the single greatest series of voyages on which mankind has yet embarked: Interstellar travel to the stars that await us, and the myriad attendant worlds that call to something deep within us all. To transit, survey, visit as with feet on ground, and possibly, to settle. Even to stay.

The difference as compared to something like Mars-One? Mars, whilst inspiring as an aspiration, is, unfortunately, uninhabitable. Perhaps even more unfortunate, the cost overruns (that cannot be met) must come down by more than 725,000 x, and by 2020. We can meet such a challenge because we have already beaten it, which is why Mars and other bodies throughout this Solar System are, for us, certainly of primary importance, but of secondary consideration: Others can pursue them if they wish.

Instead, we hold, through the very core of our being (corporations don’t, unfortunately have DNA) that “industry” is about more than profitability (though a necessary prerequisite it is (and certainly, an enjoyable one)), and even about more than global dominance in one marketplace, or several.

So, a pilot product requires development, development requires funding, and funding requires interest. To procure sufficient interest from rather liquid private equity, in turn, requires one or more demonstrations of a unit designed to illustrate the principle. The “prototype”.

And so, in turn, the main (but not exclusive) purpose of this site, decidedly basic though accessible it may be, is threefold:

To post News on this prototype’s progress in fabrication toward demonstration (at least one of which will be either live and/or made available on your favourite media platform, where possible);

To establish an open door for transparent and legitimate expressions of interest as to investment, and an equally open door opportunity for other interested parties to get in touch;

And to host both the Latest News (with Abridged Archive), and Updates on Intermediate Prototype Iteration Progress, for those who would like to subscribe to those social media channels through which our veritable first steps will be available for all to witness.

Industry is about working together in the service of something common to all yet as great as each: We hold that locating habitable worlds — and forging the means to make travel to them, eminently feasible — is more than a mandate of human responsibility.

Perhaps someone else who already has, can put it far more eloquently than we would right now...